Ipe Decking

texas barn door of ipe

Because we want to offer our Texas customers only the best, it's natural that we should sell ipe decking. Applauded the world over as the best choice for decking material, ipe possesses many characteristics that put it in a class above all other wood decking species.

Ipe is naturally beautiful with its dark reds and browns, but you may be surprised to learn that this is the least of ipe decking's many benefits. Ipe's strengths come from two main sources: natural oils that are formed during the tree's growth, and its extreme density.

ipe gate in texas

The Janka Hardness Scale ranks ipe at 3680, which is a very impressive score compared with other woods. Lumber this hard won't break down easily. For you, this means:

  • Insects won't be able to eat your deck
  • The deck boards won't break under heavy use
  • The wood won't splinter, so it's safe for bare feet

Ipe decking's natural oils form as a defense against the many threats found in the South American rainforests. When building a deck in your Texas backyard, these oils will:

  • Repel insects
  • Prevent moisture from soaking into the wood
  • Act as a flame retardant - in fact, ipe has a fire spread rating approaching that of steel or concrete

As you can see, ipe decking is perfect for your Texas home. Check out our unbeatable ipe pricing, then contact us to order your ipe deck!